Asperger’s as an Adult

Saying It Out Loud

I finally said it out loud. I said “I was actually diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder” to my rheumatologist. The only people that I have discussed it with are my fiance, my mother, and briefly my sister and my father. Last week in my therapy session we discussed self-advocacy, and how and when to disclose. […]

How to Avoid a Meltdown… According to My Therapist

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, I have been having near daily meltdowns since I returned to work about two months ago. At first, we thought maybe it was just due to the increased stress from the pandemic and from being sick with COVID-19 in March. That didn’t really sit right with me, […]

My crazy weird stims and why I love them.

Another busy stressful week here, doing my best just to get through. But what has been interesting, is approaching each day and each situation with a little bit more knowledge about myself than the last. A topic that came up in my last therapy session was stimming. I know what it is, but until recently […]

My Undiagnosed Autism in Elementary School

I think the strangest thing about being diagnosed as an adult is looking back at my childhood and finally having an explanation for everything. As a kid, I never belonged. Anywhere. I had a few friends, but only outside of school. Looking back, every part of my life is a classic example of autistic traits […]

Undulating Special Interests

We all have ways of coping. One of the ways I cope is with my special interests—only, I never knew they were “special interests.” My whole life, I have always had obsessions. For me, they come in waves. Most of the time it is something artsy or crafty. Origami, watercolors, drawing, graphic design, coloring, knitting, […]

Overload, Honestly.

I returned to work after months of my work being closed due to the pandemic. It was a rough quarantine for me. It began with being sick with COVID-19 for nearly two whole months (likely prolonged due to my autoimmune conditions and immunocompromised status), then my cat, who I’ve loved and cared for since the […]

Good Vibes.

There are about twelve subjects on my mind today. All of them are related to Autism and how it is impacting my life. There are a lot of large, looming questions I need to answer that are just floating around my head on a loop. But, I don’t have any answers for those yet. So, […]

Not what I want to hear.

I first stumbled upon the idea that I might be on the spectrum when I saw a post that someone I followed on Instagram had shared. It was a graphic that had symptoms of Autism in females listed in a colorful column. Reading those bullet points was the first time I really recognized myself—so many […]

The Beginning.

I finally feel like I am allowed to talk about my experiences. I am finally allowed to be unashamed, unembarrassed. I am finally allowed to take off my mask, because for the first time, I recognize it’s there. I know that my experiences are real—my experiences which are the result of the wiring inside my […]

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